about wildboho



A self-taught embroidery artist, I spend time pairing color, pattern and fabric combinations to create modern hoop art. While growing up, my seamstress mother tried (unsuccessfully) to teach me how to sew. I then began experimenting with non-sewing related fiber arts, and my appreciation for them grew as I stashed embroidery floss to make friendship bracelets, dabbled in weaving and rug hooking and learned how to knit. It wasn’t until years later that something clicked and I discovered how captivating the world of fabric could be (and I finally, with help once again from my mom, learned how to wrangle a sewing machine!) In recent years, I discovered my love for creating contemporary hoop art embellished with freestyle embroidery.

And in case you’re really, really curious, here’s a whole list of stuff I love: stitching (obviously), Jenny Colgan (hence, this list), Dunkin Donuts mocha iced coffee, The Head and the Heart, Gilmore Girls, Kate Morton,homemade mint iced tea, buying school supplies, Mexican food,Parks and Recreation, beaches in Maine, actually, anything in Maine, Jared and the Mill, The Office, taking walks, watching people paint, color, Poldark…actually anything on Masterpiece, taking art classes, Sherlock, my iPhone, Mumford and Sons, road trips, making lists…yup, pens and markers (file that under school supplies), White Collar, Chipotle Burrito Bowls (yum), …




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