Boho Stitch Along. Week no. 10

Welcome back for Week no. 10! If you are just beginning a piece for the #BohoSAL, check out my previous posts here. And if you are new to embroidery and want to learn the basics, check out my embroidery book, Boho Embroidery for everything you need to get started!

I’m so enjoying taking my time on this Anna Maria Horner Fibs and Fables hoop. This week, I started one of my clouds. I’m not sure what my plan is for all of the clouds yet, but I feel like this is a really fun start for this piece!

Let’s see what our stitch along friends are up to this week, shall we?!

Check out the tools that @stitchalongwithjen keeps nearby for her stitching project! I’m all about Elmer’s Washable Glue for just about everything!!!

I love the what @andreatebs is doing here. To achieve perfectly spaced stitches, she is using Tiger Tape. I have never used this, going the route of chalk or pen lines and a ruler, but I am now curious and want to give this technique a try!

Melissa is working with some teeny tiny Dandelyne hoops…my favorite mini hoop designer!!! These are beautiful earrings!

I love watching this one by Ann take shape. And how about that adorable needle minder?!

Another fabulous work in progress by @yondergirlie with a fabulous pair of scissors (I have and love those!) and her floss on a wood bobbin!!

And it looks like @belladar58 has new threads from @thethreadgatherer on those adorable mini spools!!!

I am asked a lot about needles and so (hopefully) midweek, i’ll be doing a needle round up! Stay tuned and until then, happy stitching!



Boho Embroidery

If you’ve been following along on Instagram, you probably caught my super exciting book announcement awhile back. If not, check out the book that I wrote with Lucky SpoolBoho Embroidery. It is scheduled to be released this fall/winter and I can’t wait to share more about it here!

In the meantime, let’s just see that pretty cover!

In conjunction with the release of the book, I am also excited to be presenting the October challenge of the Mighty Lucky Quilting Club also with Lucky Spool. Each month a feature designer creates a challenge to help inspire new ideas. I’m finishing up the last of my projects to go along with that!

Thanks for following along and being patient with my lack of fresh content here! I think all of that writing took a lot out of me and I’m finally gathering speed for some new projects!!

Enjoy the last few weeks of your summer…it probably went as fast as mine did!

Made In Japan


I have an affinity for any drawing and/or stitching book that is from Japan…whether it is a book that has been translated to English or it is in Japanese and I cannot read a word. I’ll take them all! The simplicity of the designs appeals to me because most of my work is bursting with color and pattern. Something simple is welcome to contrast to that.  Japanese sewing notions are another love: Tulip embroidery needles, tiny little scissors…it doesn’t matter, I love them. And speaking of “made in japan,” another love of mine is vintage ceramic figurines and stoneware. In a house of boys, these can be a nerve wracking addition to my decor, but I just. can’t. resist. Like these two little Indians in moccasins.  I mean, really, Indians in moccasins? I snatched these up quicker than you could say $3 for the pair!


And how about this stoneware mug with a house on it?! I like coffee! I live in a house! Win, win on that find!