Take a (virtual!) Summer Workshop with Me!

The unofficial start of summer is officially here as we flip our calendars to June 1st! And I just can’t think of a better way to welcome summer than to release my brand new Floral embroidery workshop!

If you took my previous virtual workshop, you’ll notice that this one is in a different format: YouTube vs Zoom. While I love zoom for live classes, recording it on YouTube has allowed me to break this class into manageable sections, which will allow you to much more easily pause the class while you work on each step of the project.

You’ll find all of the class info here which also includes a preview video and a list of FAQs!

Floral Stumpwork Embroidery is a great way to learn a technique that you can then add to other embroidery or handwork projects. Perfect for beginners as well as those already familiar with embroidery, it will teach you how to add dimension to your work. And bonus…you don’t need lots of fabric for this project! It is a great way to use your pretty scraps of quilting fabric, apparel fabric and even lace and felt!

I’m so excited to share this with you and I hope you enjoy it!

If your travel plans include the East Coast at any point, be sure to check out my new series: Shop with wildboho on YouTube! I will take you along with me as I visit quilt, bead and fiber shops. Plan your visit with these helpful videos or just be nosey and check out shops as I visit them!!

My first visit was to Pennington Quilt Works in Pennington, NJ and my second was to Owl Be Beading in Bethlehem, PA. Stay tuned as I have lots more in the works!

Now get those needles out and let’s get stitching!!

xx Nichole


Brand new fabric painting tutorial!

I created a new project and I’m excited to put this tutorial out into the wilds of YouTube!

If you are looking for a last-minute gift or a weekend project that will let you delve into mixed-media embroidery, then look no further! My latest video, Painted Floral Bouquet on Fabric, will be just that project.

This is one of my favorite gift ideas, because each hoop that I make is different from the last one. It can be personalized for you or your recipient and it works up fairly quickly. This week, I created 3 different hoops and I’m going to finish stitching the final one today.

Did I mention that teacher appreciation week is coming up? This would be a great gift for teachers and you can even enlist the help of your child(ren) and make the gift even more meaningful to their teacher. Take that one step further and have your kids help create a hoop that you can hang on your wall (or give to a relative!) and it will keep longer than fresh flowers!!

I hope you enjoy this tutorial. If you create a hoop, leave me a message or tag me in your Facebook or Instagram post…I love to see what is created from my classes!

And in case you missed it, I have an ongoing free mini-class: Encrusted Beadwork on my YouTube channel. Every week I am posting a new video with fresh ideas for the beadwork project I am working on. Work alongside me and create your own piece of art!

Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel so that you get my updates as soon as they are released!

Get those needles out and happy stitching!

Speaking of Needles Out, don’t forget my newest book is available for preorder now!


join me for a free encrusted beadwork class!

Hello and happy spring!

I’m hoping to have my newest self-paced class up for purchase at the beginning of May but until then, I wanted to offer up a (FREE!!!) special mini-class for all of my YouTube subscribers!

Part 01 is all about gathering the supplies that you’ll need for this project so that you can be prepared for pt 02 which will be out on Wednesday!

If you aren’t a subscriber yet, head on over and subscribe so you don’t miss a video!

And for more embroidery goodies, every Sunday I post a new embroidery video on my YouTube channel. Yesterday was the cast-on stitch, which is a great way to add some whimsical texture into your embroidery.

The playlist of all of my stitches can be found here.

And here is the cast-on stitch for your stitching enjoyment!

Get those needles out and happy stitching!

Dimensional Embroidery Workshop

I’m busy behind-the-scenes working on my newest spring/summer virtual embroidery workshop and until I have it ready to release, I thought I would bring out my fall/winter 2022 class out of the vault of my computer in case you are getting the urge to stitch!

Dimensional Embroidery with wildboho is a self-paced and virtual class where you will learn how to make a dimensional embroidery sampler…picture loads of texture, embroidery, beads and sequins! I absolutely love this class, which is meant for all levels of embroiderers, because the skills you learn will allow you to create from start to finish a gorgeous piece of embroidery, perfect for gifting or hanging on your gallery wall!

This class will be available for purchase until April 14 when it gets shuttered back into the vault! How’s that for motivating you to check it out?!

I’ve also been uploading lots of videos to my YouTube channel, from visits to my in-home studio, to embroidery tutorials. Subscribe to my channel and you’ll get the newest videos as I upload them (usually twice a week!)

Don’t forget that I also have lots of new stickers in my Etsy shop…perfect for adding to your water bottles or crafting supplies!

I’ll be back here when my new class is up and ready and until then, Happy Spring!

Get those needles out and boho your stitches!

xx Nichole

Self-Paced Embroidery workshop available now!

If you happened to miss my sold-out dimensional embroidery sampler workshop last month, then have no fear: another opportunity to start stitching awaits!!

My self-paced dimensional embroidery sampler workshop is available now!

This is a 2-1/2 hour video class that you can pause and rewind and replay as much as you want! When you purchase a ticket, you will shortly thereafter receive an email from yours truly with all of the links and info that you’ll need to get started. I touch on creating a color palette and pulling together all of your supplies from there. I review my favorite threads and beads and the embroidery basics to get you started.

You will learn 17 different stitches in 4 categories: Basic, Isolated, Decorative Line and Woven. You can create a sampler that looks just like mine or you can create your own unique design.

After watching the class, if you have any further questions, you can always email me and I will be there to answer what I can!!

And if you would like to purchase this class as a gift, just send me an email before or after you purchase it and I can take care of that as well!

(P.S. If you signed up for my class in November, don’t sign up for this one because it won’t have any new information!!)

Thank you for reading (and stitching) along with me!

Happy stitching!

xx Nichole

Fiber Talk Podcast

Happy Sunday!

I’m just popping in to share that I was recently a guest on the Fiber Talk podcast and you can listen to it here. It was just lovely chatting with Gary and Beth and I hope that you enjoy the conversation!

And a huge thank you to everyone who signed up for my new dimensional embroidery sampler class…it sold out in just one day! I hope to add new workshops down the road and when I do, you will be the first to know!

Have a great day and get those needles out!

Virtual Embroidery Workshop & Needles Out

If you have been following along on Instagram, you are probably here for the link to purchase a spot in my newest embroidery workshop: Dimensional Embroidery Sampler, so click on the link below to register (**registration opens at noon EST on Monday, September 12**)

Dimensional Embroidery Sampler Workshop

In other news, I’m excited to share that I’ve written a new book and it available for preorder now!

A companion to my first book, Boho Embroidery: Modern Projects from Traditional Stitches and my second book, Boho Embroidery: The Pattern Collection, Needles Out: Mixed Media Techniques delves even further into the world of dimensional embroidery. You will learn how to mix embroidery with appliqué, beading, stumpwork, needle felting and fabric painting.

I am incredibly proud of this book mostly because of the projects and techniques included, but also because it is the book that feels the most me! Photographed in a beautifully restored Victorian townhouse in Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania, I was able to be part of the process even more than in my previous books and I feel like that really comes through in this book!

I’m looking forward to sharing more once the book has been released!

Until then, get those needles out and happy stitching…I hope to see you in one of my virtual embroidery classes!

Collaboration with John Bead and a new (FREE!) pattern!

It’s no secret to all of you lovely followers that I am a huge fan of beaded embroidery! And that makes it all the more exciting to share with you my second collaboration with John Bead Company!

Before I share the details of the project, it’s important for me to tell you where you can find these beads. They are easy to find at your local JoAnn Fabrics or Michael’s craft stores! Both places have a great selection of to help you get started embroidering with beads!

In case you missed our first collaboration, all of the details can be found here. Made with fabric from JoAnn, this was a project using just one fabric as the base of an embroidery design. This project would be great for beginners to embroidery and is just as suitable for intermediate – advanced embroiderers. The beauty of a project like this, is it can be as simple or as detailed as you like and everyone will have a project that is completely unique to them!

And now, moving onto this most recent collaboration!

All of the details for the most recent project can be found here. This project includes a FREE botanical pattern that was inspired by my love of and collection of vintage floral tins.

Whenever I stumble on a new (old!) floral tin, the intricacy of the designs always catch my eye and I wanted to replicate that same design inspiration in a new floral project. I was also challenged to use beads of different shapes, such as the Link and Pip beads, both of which I loved adding to the border.

For a list of all the supplies that I used and the free botanical pattern, visit the Beaded Floral Hoop at the John Bead blog.

And remember, as with all of my patterns, I encourage you to follow them as loosely as you like! Feel free to mix up the colors and beads that you use. And if you create a project from this pattern, I would love if you would tag me on Instagram using the hashtag #wildboho so I can see what you create!

Enjoy and happy stitching!

Purr-fect Patchwork Tour

I’d like to think that Pamela Morgan asked me to participate in the Purr-fect Patchwork Tour because she knows that I am not the best at following rules or patterns and I kind of go my own way when it comes to all things stitchy! At least, that is what I told myself as I stitched up one of the patterns from her brand new book, Purr-fect Patchwork by CT Publishing!

We first met each other a few years back when Pamela signed up to take one of my embroidery classes at QuiltCon in Pasadena, CA. She had such a zest for creating and was so much fun to have in my class!

When she told me a later on that she had been writing a book combining cats and quilting, I was privileged to have the opportunity to look through her early draft copy. I’m so happy that her book is finally in print (read about her journey to publication on her website!) She wore both the writing cap and the photography cap for this project and the photography is really what stands out to me. Such beautiful pictures of beautiful projects!

(P.S. What would a blog tour be without a giveaway?! This is probably a good time to mention that there will be a giveaway…be sure to read all the way to the end for details!!!)

And now on to my project! She picked out a project from her book for me to work on: the Cat Nap Pillow #2 and I took her pattern, mixed it all up and did something completely different with it! To me, that is the fun of a pattern like this: it’s interchangeability (that’s a word, right?!)

You can stitch up the pattern into a pillow (like you’re supposed to!) or you can come to the dark side with me, put a flower here, a cat here, throw another flower here and there and come up with something that is uniquely you!

Here is what the adorable Cat Nap Pillow pattern is supposed to look like:

Cat Nap Pillow #2

And there here is my mixed-up, stitched-up hoop-y version of it!

Cat Nap – the mixed up version
Kitty Butt!

If you aren’t sure where to start with embroidery, I have a Craftsy class that will help you create a piece of hoop art with embroidery and beads (like this Cat Nap hoop project!) from start to finish!

I also have lots of embroidery videos on my YouTube channel!

And if books are your thing, check out both of my Boho Embroidery books!

And be sure to check out all of the other stops along the tour!

And let’s have one more look at that gorgeous photography I was talking about!


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And what would a blog tour be without a GIVEAWAY?!

I am giving away an eBook version of this brand new book to one of my readers/commenters! Be sure to comment here on this post and I will randomly choose a winner! And for the Grand, Grand prize, which includes a signed copy of the book and lots of other goodies, comment on every post for this blog tour!

Happy stitching!

**Note: some of these are affiliate links, which means that I receive a small commission if you choose to buy from the link!