Slow Stitching

I have a couch pillow with a tear and rather than mend it with my sewing machine, I’m taking the slooooow route and making a new pillow cover. A long drive on vacation and several day trips in the car and I’m barely closer to having a new pillow cover. In fact, the rip in my current pillow case has gotten bigger. Now it’s a challenge…either finish the Hexie pillow project or watch the hole in the pillow cover continue to unravel and grow larger. Because I’m not fixing it. I will replace it with a Hexie cover that I stitched by hand. I will finish this. Hopefully before next summer takes us out on the road again!



2 thoughts on “Slow Stitching

    1. Hi Staci!
      These fabrics are all from Various Alison Glass fabric lines. Andover Fabrics is the manufacturer and you can find a decent supply at either Alison Glass’ website or two of my favorite online fabric shops: Alewives Fabrics or Hawthorne Threads. Hope this helps you!!


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