Virtual Quilt-N-Sew Fest 2020

With the pandemic canceling virtually every in-person event this year, many fabric and thread and craft companies that would normally be showcasing their items at trade shows, like the Houston Quilt Market, have become more creative and are instead offering virtual events that are open to the public!

I was happy to create some behind-the-scenes content for Daylight Company’s virtual Quilt-N-Sew Fest 2020 and along with that, I created a floral embroidery sampler that is available for download NOW!

This sampler includes eight stitches and I demonstrate one of those stitches during the event.

If you missed the behind-the-scenes and embroidery sampler, I’ll link it here so that you can watch it!

You’ll also see me feature Daylight Company’s Magnificent Floor & Table LED lamp several times. I really like this lamp and can absolutely recommend it for embroidery…especially if you are working with small things, like beads!

I have personally bought many of Daylight Company’s over the years: the Slimline Floor Lamp, the Smart Clip-on-Lamp and the Wafer 2 Lightbox, and each purchase has made my job easier!

I hope you enjoyed the virtual Quilt-n-Sew Fest, if you were able to tune in, and I can’t wait to see stitched up versions of my Floral Embroidery Sampler!

Here is the link to the FREE download:

This pattern is sized to fit within a 7″ embroidery hoop.

Supplies needed:

  • a Lightbox or window source to transfer the pattern onto the fabric
  • a fabric pen to transfer the pattern
  • a 7″ hoop
  • background fabric (I used Jennifer Sampou’s Sky ombre fabric)
  • a variety of thread (I used Sue Spargo’s Eleganza Perle Cotton)
  • applique or embroidery needles
  • size 8 seed beads (optional)

To read more about threads, reference this post: I Have This Thing With Thread

Happy Stitching!!


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