Collaboration with John Bead and a new (FREE!) pattern!

It’s no secret to all of you lovely followers that I am a huge fan of beaded embroidery! And that makes it all the more exciting to share with you my second collaboration with John Bead Company!

Before I share the details of the project, it’s important for me to tell you where you can find these beads. They are easy to find at your local JoAnn Fabrics or Michael’s craft stores! Both places have a great selection of to help you get started embroidering with beads!

In case you missed our first collaboration, all of the details can be found here. Made with fabric from JoAnn, this was a project using just one fabric as the base of an embroidery design. This project would be great for beginners to embroidery and is just as suitable for intermediate – advanced embroiderers. The beauty of a project like this, is it can be as simple or as detailed as you like and everyone will have a project that is completely unique to them!

And now, moving onto this most recent collaboration!

All of the details for the most recent project can be found here. This project includes a FREE botanical pattern that was inspired by my love of and collection of vintage floral tins.

Whenever I stumble on a new (old!) floral tin, the intricacy of the designs always catch my eye and I wanted to replicate that same design inspiration in a new floral project. I was also challenged to use beads of different shapes, such as the Link and Pip beads, both of which I loved adding to the border.

For a list of all the supplies that I used and the free botanical pattern, visit the Beaded Floral Hoop at the John Bead blog.

And remember, as with all of my patterns, I encourage you to follow them as loosely as you like! Feel free to mix up the colors and beads that you use. And if you create a project from this pattern, I would love if you would tag me on Instagram using the hashtag #wildboho so I can see what you create!

Enjoy and happy stitching!


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