Dimensional Embroidery Workshop

I’m busy behind-the-scenes working on my newest spring/summer virtual embroidery workshop and until I have it ready to release, I thought I would bring out my fall/winter 2022 class out of the vault of my computer in case you are getting the urge to stitch!

Dimensional Embroidery with wildboho is a self-paced and virtual class where you will learn how to make a dimensional embroidery sampler…picture loads of texture, embroidery, beads and sequins! I absolutely love this class, which is meant for all levels of embroiderers, because the skills you learn will allow you to create from start to finish a gorgeous piece of embroidery, perfect for gifting or hanging on your gallery wall!

This class will be available for purchase until April 14 when it gets shuttered back into the vault! How’s that for motivating you to check it out?!

I’ve also been uploading lots of videos to my YouTube channel, from visits to my in-home studio, to embroidery tutorials. Subscribe to my channel and you’ll get the newest videos as I upload them (usually twice a week!)

Don’t forget that I also have lots of new stickers in my Etsy shop…perfect for adding to your water bottles or crafting supplies!

I’ll be back here when my new class is up and ready and until then, Happy Spring!

Get those needles out and boho your stitches!

xx Nichole


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